On page SEO Training session

Today I had the pleasure of running a training session for a marketing team at a management consultancy firm in London.

The purpose of the session was to deliver insight into a recently produced SEO strategy playbook and how it will shape the next few months of our SEO strategy together.

The session was conducted by myself, and attended by 15 delegates compromising of the brand marketing team, and divisional marketing heads and executives.

The session comprised of three segments, covering an update on performance, a walk through of the final edition of the SEO strategy playbook, and a workshop to share knowledge on how to integrate on page optimization into the clients destination website.

There was a particular emphasis on the goals and objectives of our SEO strategy and what the next steps were to continue to realise this.

As a part of our delivery, a series of optimization frameworks were created to provide internal guidance as a part of the next phase.

In particular, a walkthrough of both a best practice approach to on page optimization, aswell as a cribbed down approach, deliberately crafted for internal subject matter experts was delivered into the team.

By delivering an understanding of the requirement to take the intel from the playbook and apply this to existing landing page content, the internal team will be able to conduct on page optimization at an organization wide level led by subject matter experts for each business unit.

This approach is fundamental in ensuring that a large organization can adopt SEO strategy at a scale without being bottle necked by a lack of resource.

Over the upcoming weeks, we will now be project managing the review, creation and enhancement of content that aligns with our SEO objectives, and as this goes live, track the increase in performance that this will bring the organization.

As we share performance increases back to the business over the upcoming months, we expect that this will fuel further SEO initiatives to increase inbound lead generation for core services and capabilities that the business has growth targets to achieve.

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