PPC or SEO? Neither is the answer…

For most of my career I’ve answered this question and the answer has been a rationale one based on the needs of the business owner I’m talking to.

E.g paid search to get quick traction, or SEO being a better fit as target audiences need educating through content marketing first…

But it hit me earlier today on an introductory call with a business owner how dead this type I’d marketing channel comparison is.

Today, a business has no choice but to implement a 360 holistic approach encompassing all digital channels, working together.









All have to come together to create a fully rounded strategy which exposes your product offering to your target audience at all points of their online journey, regardless of

  1. Stage of journey
  2. Device type
  3. Intent (research- purchase)

If your a business owner investing in 1 or 2 of the above, consider how the others can fit in..they need to.

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