Google updates Search Console to include change logs and accountability

An update came out this week from Google Webmaster Central confirming that user management has now been introduced into the website management tool.

Up until now, anyone with access could make changes to a search console profile, such as update sitemaps, add schema markup, etc, but there historically hasnt been an activity log.

As more and more website owners colloborate with web designers, web developers and SEO Agencies, Google has recognised the need to record changes and attribute them to specific parties with access, for increased collaboration and transparancy.

I think this is an excellent move as many agencies and other third parties regularly dip in and out of various client profiles and changes until now are not attributed or recorded.

With this level of transparancy, search console will be auditable more like Google Ads can be, so that even more insights can be given on suppliers or partners managing a clients Search Engine Optimisation. Read the full post on the google search console update here. 

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