What is the real point of an SEO competitor analysis?

We carry out SEO competitor analysis’ on every account in the agency but last night I was thinking about a new ecommerce website I have launched and after carrying out on page optimisation and getting some good page 1 ranks, I realised that I personally wasnt sure where I should focus next.

Should I invest in digital PR and linkbuilding? Should I get my developers to optimise the wordpress woocommerce codebases further for speed and usability?

I wasnt sure. So I thought, lets analyse the competition to give us some direction.

I will therefore be analysing my top competitor based who Ive selected based on them:

  1. not being a brand (uneven competition)
  2. having the most consistent highest ranking for my product keywords (its an eccomerce website so Im focusing on product name SEO first)

Now I am going to analyse this competitor by focusing on a product or category at a time, taking their ranking landing page, and comparing its

technical seo factors (code etc)

onpage seo factors (keyword density etc)

backlink profile

Im going to create a simple list of data points and this will clearly tell me where I need to focus to improve my websites digital reputation and therefore gain more traffic.

If I wanted to go a step further, Id actually carry out the same process for all sites that have a top 5 average ranking for my keywords, and then look at the difference across their profiles against their positions. What this will give me is a trend of data points high to low as each website has more or less visability.

It may not be a clear sliding scale but an experiwnced SEO expert Ill be able to identify whats leveraging a competitors SEO performance.

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